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West Way

WestWay is a world built by DoneDomino and twinkie_tmb in the efforts to help bring players something special to look at. The start of the massive city started on February 2nd when the very first house was built. At that point, the WestWay world was on the SuperiorRealm an. From there, we have expanded from the city hall, just across the way from the first house, to the small inner-wall village within the heart of the city. Once the expansions started to take place the world was getting too big to keep on the SuperiorRealm and soon we had to upload it to a server and that became the WestWay Server owned by DoneDomino until it was soon moved over to SuperiorCraft.

From that point we started to expand further to small pieces of land outside the wall. Once we have finished an expansion project, we wondered what we could do to bring players the ultimate experience. So, that’s what we did. From there, we have expanded to the nearby valley just down the small mountain. We started from building the main attraction on that land, The Mansion. The Mansion is made of a simple design along with a wall around it. After a long while of expanding, we have made the world the biggest ram hogging world on the server. (We’re still not sure if that’s a good thing). Happy Adventures from the SuperiorCraft Management Team!

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