SuperiorCraft Safety

Welcome to the SuperiorCraft Safety page. You can find out how we ensure the safety of our players here!


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In this page, you can find out how we ensure the safety of our players, why its important, and what you can do to help.


For the sake of organization, we will be breaking this section up into multiple parts.


SuperiorCraft has language filters on the server. This prevents players form being exposed or harassed with foul/inappropriate language. To ensure players don't use this kind of language, we will ban players for use of it. If you see anyone using violent language, Please report it immediately.


Bullying is not allowed on our server. To prevent players from being affected by things like bullying or harassment, we are banning players who are guilty of this behavior. Please report players if they are guilty of this.


To prevent cheaters and exploiters from causing harm, we put a permanent ban on those who do such actions. Any cheating/exploiting should be reported immediately.

Why Its Important

Its important that we take actions to make sure that behavior that is not within our rules is handled and dealt with appropriately and in a timely fashion. Why? Because we we want our server to be a family friendly server for all to play on. Not enforcing these rules could result in chaos and cant have that here if we want to maintain a healthy server.

What You Can Do

While our moderators try to keep a safe and healthy environment for our players, we need your help to. If you see someone violating our rules, report it immediately and our mods will take the appropriate actions to make sure that player is dealt with.