SuperiorCraft Rules

Welcome to the SuperiorCraft Rules page. You can find all of our servers guidlines here!


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SuperiorCraft has a set of rules and guidlines for you players to follow. We expect that you will follow these rules in order to provide a great playing experience for all players!

General Rules

On the SuperiorCraft server we have some general rules to follow when playing on our server.

SMP Rules

On the SMP, we want all players to enjoy playing on our server. Thats why we have a few rules regarding factions, chat, and griefing.


When creating a faction. There are a few things you want to consider.

Making and joining factions is a privlige, not a right. If you are caught misusing factions, you will be removed from your faction (if you are the owner we will delete your faction) and you will lose your privlige to create and join factions.


SuperiorCraft encourages you to survive, hunt, fight mobs, and build amazing things on our SMP. However, if thoes builds are not aproprite, then the mods will get involved.

If your build doesnt comply with our rules, your build will be removed and you will be banned for a minimum of 1 week.

Bedwars Rules

Bedwars is a great game! We want all of our players to have fun playing it! While bedwars is just a game, we have some rules to make sure its fun for other players as well.

Any violation of these rules will result in a 24 hour ban.

Free Build Rules

Free build is great because players can build what ever they want without worrying about it getting destroyed by other players. However. We do have rules regarding this.

Breaking these rules will result in a 1 week ban. Inapropriate builds will be removed from your plot.

Parkour Rules

While playing parkour, make sure that you are following our guidlines for our server.

Any violation of these rules will depend on the voilation.