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SuperiorCraft is a Minecraft server deticated to fun, engagement, and playing with your friends.


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Bedrock players are no longer able to join SuperiorCraft

What We Offer

SuperiorCraft offers a wide variety of games and other things to do. We have things from an SMP to bedwars both of wich are great things to do on our server. Check out our list of them below.

Our Mini-Games/Offers


Bedwars is a game where you try to eliminate all other teams by destroying all the other teams beds and kill evreryone on the other teams to be the last team standing. You also have to defend your bed in the prosses.


Parkour is a game where you have to jump between platforms to get between stages. Complete all 25 stages and you win.


Our SMP(Survival, Multiplayer) is a great place to play survival minecrafr with your friends. You can create factions and invite freinds to it, claim land and more.

Free Build

Free Build is a world where you are in creative mode and you can build at your hearts desire. Its a flat world wich makes it easy to build things.

West Way

WestWay is a world built by DoneDomino and twinkie_tmb in the efforts to help bring players something special to look at. The start of the massive city started on February 2nd when the very first house was built.