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SuperiorCraft is a Minecraft server deticated to fun, engagement, and playing with your friends.


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Bedrock Players

Bedrock players are no longer able to join SuperiorCraft

Survival Multiplayer

SMP or survival multiplayer, is our way of playig survival minecraft online with your friends. You can create factions, declare war aginst other factions, and claim land.

Creating Factions

Creating factions is bacicaly a nessity on this server as it will allow you to claim land to prevent grifing from others. Start by running the command /f create examplefaction.

In this exaple, you would replace "examplefaction" with the name of your faction. You can name it whatever you want. As long as its within our rules. Now lets invite some players to your faction. After all, its morefun with friends. Start by doing this command; /f invite player.

In this example, you would replace "player" with the username of the player you are inviting. Now lets say you wanted to promote a player in your faction. We can do that with this command; /f promote player.

In this example, again you would replace "player" with the username of the player you are promoting. Make sure that the player you are trying to promote is acually in your faction. Now lets claim some land. This is cruial because we dont want others on the server destroying our hard work. Lets do that with the command /f autoclaim.

Now autoclaim is enabled. Just walk around and it will claim land as you walk. To stop claiming, Run the command again to disable. Now that you know the bacics of creating a faction, lets learn how to join a faction.

Joining a Faction

Crateing a faction is great and all but sometimes we want to join one a freind has made. We can do this in two ways. The first way is to accept an invite someone has sen you. The second way is to request to join one. Lets start with the first one. To accept a request, run the command /f join factionName.

In this example replace factionName with the name of the faction you have been invited to. If you do this command without an invit to a particular faction, a join request will be sent to the faction owner.


Factions are good but now lets get to setting homes. Homes are usful if you want to go out on an adveture and come back before dark. Lets start by setting a home. To do that we can run the command /sethome.

Now your home has been set to whatever block you were standing on when you did the command. You can remove a home by doing the command /delhome.

This will delete your home that you set. Now lets say you have multiple bases around the SMP and you want to teleport between them. You can do that by typing the same commad. But before you press enter, make sure to name your home. Like this. /sethome NameOfHome.

In this example, you would replace "NameOfHome" with the name of the home you are setting. You can name them whatever you want sutch as like base1 base2 ext. Just remember that home names cant have spaces in them or the command wont work properly.