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      Bedwars is a game where you try to eliminate all other teams by destroying all the other teams beds and kill evreryone on the other teams to be the last team standing. You also have to defend your bed in the prosses.

How to Play

      To start all teams have a bed, a genorator, a shop, a team upgardes shop, and a base. The first thing you should do is go to the genorator to get iron and gold to get a bed defense. A good defense will look somthing like one layer of wood and one layer of endstone. This will slow down someone who is trying to setroy our bed. Giving your team time to kill them.

      The next thing to know is that there are 4 teams. Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. When the game starts you will be put on a random team with random team mates (Unless you are in a party. Then your whole party will be but on a random team). Your teams objective is to destroy all the other teams beds and kill everyone on the team. A team is eliminated when their bed is gone and everyone on the team is dead. Once your bed is gone, you dont respawn. If your bed gets destroyed, dont panic, you can still win. Just be extra careful not to die.

      Another aspect of the game is the diamond and emarald gens(genorators). The diamond gens are located on little islans aroound the map and the emeralds are located at mid. Diamonds can be used to buy team upgardes. There are multiple team upgrades sutch as alarms, wich alert the team when another team has enterd your base, to forge upgades, wich increace the speed of your genorator. Just to name a couple. Emeralds can be used in the shop to buy things like bows with flame and power on them. Great for defending your bed.

Happy Playing!