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SuperiorCraft is a Minecraft server deticated to fun, engagement, and playing with your friends.

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About Us

      SuperiorCraft is a Minecraft server dedicated to fun, engagement, and playing with your friends. We love to see our players engage and have fun on our server. Thats why we want you to have the best experience possible with us. Our fun and engaging minigames, combined with our amazing SMP, we will have you having fun even on the most boring of days.

At SuperiorCraft, we belive in these core things:

What we Offer

SuperiorCraft offers a wide variety of games and other things to do. check out our list of them below.

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Latest News


SuperiorCraft is Transitioning from paying for someone else to host our servers to hosting it ourself. This will allow us to do things we could not do before.

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SuperiorCraft has staff members to keep this server up and running. Here is a list of our staff and their roles.

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