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SuperiorCraft is a Minecraft server deticated to fun, engagement, and playing with your friends.

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Bedrock players are no longer able to join SuperiorCraft

Free Build

Welcome to free build. This is one of the many things that SuperiorCraft offers. To start, lets teleport to this world by doing /warp FreeBuild. Once we are there, you will be greeted with a post with signs on it. How our FreeBuild works is you claim a plot to build on and start building. This ensures that no one else can break your build. To claim the first open plot do /p auto. Now just start building and thats it! To claim another plot, just do the comad again.

Note: Any build that is inapropreate will be removed from the plot.

Using Worldedit

Using bacic worldeit is pretty simple. We wont go into depth on how to use it. We will only cover the bacics. To start, do //wand. then use the axe (the one given to you with the command but any wooden axe will work) to select a region. Firts left click to set the first posison. Then left click to set the second. Now you can use commands with it. Here is a list of commands and what they do.

More commands comming soon!